Nita Cooper
Nita CooperPresident
VacantVice President
Kelly Kiser
Kelly KiserTreasurer

Parkway Christian Academy Parent/Teacher Fellowship was established to…

  • Glorify Christ
  • Promote the welfare of students through parental involvement in the school
  • Strengthen coordination among parents, students & staff in order to encourage and support educational activities
  • Further develop the educational resources of the school


  • To glorify Christ in everything we do.
  • To involve parents in support of the school and its educational activities.
  • To provide a genuine unity and foster communication between the parents and teachers.
  • To engage in activities that support the school and advance the education and general welfare of the school’s students.
  • To coordinate the support of parents for the school’s extracurricular activites.
  • To help provide for the school through knowledge of its needs.
  • To make the school more widely known in the area.
  • To assist with fundraising and the purchase of materials for the school’s enhancement.