What is M25?

M25 is a resource program for advanced learners whose needs extend beyond the regular curriculum. M25 also seeks to support PCA staff in providing an enriched education for all students through whole class differentiated lessons, interest groups and staff development.

Why M25?

The name “M25” is based on Matthew 25:14-28 in which Jesus tells the parable of the talents. A master, who was about to go on a long journey, entrusted his money to each of three servants while he was away. One servant, having been given five talents, took his master’s money and doubled it. A second servant likewise took two talents and doubled them. The third servant took his master’s one talent and hid it in the ground. Upon return, the master commends the first two servants, calling them “faithful.” The third servant was described as “wicked and lazy” by the master for making no effort to use what he had been given. Though a “talent” was used to describe a coin, the general interpretation of the parable is that each person is expected to use what he has been given according to his own ability. Therefore, M25 exists to inspire children to use the abilities God has given them to be all they can for His glory and to accomplish the plan He has for their lives so they, like the diligent servant may hear “Well done, good and faithful servant,” from the master. Wow! Visit the M25 site