• Taught by highly qualified, caring teachers
  • Spiral pattern to maximize learning appropriate to students’ development
  • Biblical and World Views taught to enhance students’ stance on their beliefs
  • Approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

Curriculum Explained

Parkway Christian Academy is committed to preparing young people for a lifetime of learning. A rigorous educational program at PCA promotes academic excellence and helps students to develop skills in critical thinking, to approach subjects through logic and creativity, and to achieve their highest potentials.

Learning comes in two forms at PCA- book learning and hands on experiences, both seamlessly integrated throughout the curriculum and classrooms. Students delve into the Bob Jones curriculum independently and cooperatively, but walk away with a greater application of the material through the experiences they have in and outside of the classroom. Teachers apply learning in meaningful, thoughtful ways to help each student develop a strong, foundational understanding of the material.

Furthermore, our teachers employ a spiral curriculum pattern, in which subjects are taught and mastery achieved in stages. Use of this method provides students with a better understanding, appropriate to their levels of development. Students spend less time feeling overwhelmed and more time actually learning the material.

Finally, Biblical teaching is introduced into the classroom through direct Biblical lessons and its integration in the subjects themselves. Students are exposed to both Christian and World views on topics in order to form a more valid argument for their beliefs and to enable them to stand strong in their faith. It is the desire of each teacher to help students develop a closer relationship with God and to strengthen their understanding of His Word.