The mission of the school is to “equip kids for College…Career…and Christ!”

PCA provides a college preparatory and general academic program for elementary and high school students. In addition to academic excellence, PCA is passionate about teaching its students a biblical worldview and leading them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This IS preparation for life.

Proverbs 1:7 indicates that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”. All learning must be integrated from this starting point and is meaningful only in the context of man’s acknowledgement of God’s existence.

All academic and extracurricular programs are designed to develop the student’s positive self-concept so each student may reach full human and spiritual potential. The student is challenged to grow in spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, emotional, and social dimensions.


PCA was founded in 2002. The school arose from the leadership of the church due to the overwhelming need to give the young people a “Christian Worldview”. The church did not feel that 40 minutes a week in Sunday school was enough to combat the barrage of secular humanism the young people were getting on a continual basis. The vision was made to use PCA not only as a place to train Christian young people but as an outreach to un-churched families as well.

Since then, PCA has become its own entity as a 501c3 organization to minister to students through the avenue of education.  PCA has experienced great success as an excellent academic institution with a main emphasis of leading students to a choice for Christ.

PCA has grown each year from 37 students our first year to approximately 240 students in 2016-2017. We are excited about the team of educators we have assembled and the great school God has raised up. PCA has a great future. We would love for you and your children to be a part of that future!