Mid-Term Exam Schedule for 7th-12th Grades

Mid-term exams begin on Tuesday, December 15th.  The exam week schedule for 7th through 12th grades is as follows: Tuesday    8:25-10am    1st Period Exam 10-10:16am  Break 10:20-12:02  2nd Period Exam 12:06-12:55  5th Period 12:55-1:24    Lunch 1:28 -2:17     6th Period 2:21-3:10     7th Period Wednesday   8:25-10am   5th Period Exam 10-10:16am  Break 10:16-12:02  6th Period Exam 12:06-12:55  3rd Period… Continue Reading →

Spirtual Emphasis Week (7th-12th Grades)

Spiritual Emphasis Week Chapels begin next Wednesday and ends on Friday.  The chapel times are from 10:55-12:22.  We skip a class period each day to allow for a longer chapel time.  The secondary schedule is as follows: Wednesday                                            Thursday                                                      Friday   1st Period                                                   1st Period                                                         1st Period 3rd Period                                                  2nd Period                                                       2nd Period 4th Period                                                  4th Period                                                        3rd Period Chapel                                                          Chapel                                                              Chapel 5th… Continue Reading →

Basketball Tryouts

Basketball tryouts are here.  All students in grades 6th-12th who want to play basketball please pay attention to the following schedule: Monday, October 26th     Varsity Boys    330-530 Tuesday, October 27th     MS Girls   330-530 MS Boys   530-730 Come ready to work hard!!   Mr. Dixon  

Friday, October 9th, Schedule

Friday, October 9th, is a half day of school.  The students will be getting out of school at 12noon.  The teachers will be having teacher training that afternoon.  The class schedule for the middle school and high school students is as follows: 1st Period= 8:25-9:23 2nd Period= 9:27-10:16 3rd Period= 10:20-11:09 6th Period= 11:13- 12:02… Continue Reading →