Charis Program

It has been the desire of PCA to have a program in place to meet the needs of our academically challenged students for a long time. After much prayer and seeking, God opened the doors and the new Charis program will begin this fall!

The Greek word "charis", meaning "to lean towards to share benefit", will impact K-12 students who not only need help academically, but it will also focus on personal and life skills in order for the students to fulfill God's purpose in their lives. Mrs. Ward, a highly trained, Special Education Teacher, will head this new program with the continued heart she has shown in her many years of teaching.

We hope to be a blessing and to help families who desire their children to be in a Christian school. We are also excited to see how God will bless the program, as His hand has already orchestrated the planning and the timing. 2 Corinthians 9:10